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We believe in a world where the tech industry is driven by a diverse group of leaders.

We believe people of all different backgrounds should have the opportunity to participate, shape, and succeed in the founding, funding, and building of technology-driven companies.




The tech industry proudly builds the future, but in many ways still operates in the past.  

The lack of diversity in tech has created a culture and economy that disadvantages women and minorities in raising capital and in building ground-breaking companies with lasting impact. Many backgrounds are woefully underrepresented in the homogenous tech industry, and many founders are disappointed by the lack of diversity when seeking investment partners.

of decision-makers at US-based venture capital firms >$25M are women (excludes healthcare firms and corporate VCs)
of US-based venture capital firms have zero women investors
of US venture dollars in 2018 went to teams with a female founder



Our mission is to accelerate the success of female funders and founders. 

 We believe that by improving the success of women in the venture-backed tech ecosystem, we can build a more accessible community that reflects the diversity of the world around us. 




Double the % of female partners in 10 years

Over the next 10 years, our goal is to double the percentage of female partners from 9% to 18% at US tech venture firms with fund size >$25M.

Increase the % of female founders in 5 years

Over the next 5 years, our goal is to increase the percentage of venture funding going to companies with a female founder from 15% to 25%. 


OUR Key Initiatives


Female Founder Office Hours

Accelerate the success of female founders by offering access to 1:1 mentoring.

Founders for Change

Organize the collective voices of a new generation of founders who value diversity.

Where are the Numbers?

Apply a data-driven approach to determine the most critical and systemic problems to solve.

Women in Venture

Increase the number of women in the senior ranks of venture capital. 

Women & LPs

Ensure women VCs have equal access to LPs and their investment dollars.

Partners & Resources

We work in solidarity with many other diversity organizations.


Current Job Openings at All Raise

All Raise is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. 


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