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Business Development Strategies for Founders

In the current economic climate, startups need to get creative about the ways in which they’re pulling in new business. Whether it’s traditional, in-person meetings that are no longer on the books for your B2B business, or events that have been cancelled for the foreseeable future for your B2C partnership kickoff, many of the typical levers for business development are no longer on the table. Tune into this session for tried-and-true advice from Elisa Garcia Anzano on generating more profit and attracting more customers to your business with competitive landscape awareness, innovation practices, and intentional networking. Elisa leads the Quantum Startup program at Microsoft, coordinating partnerships between quantum startups and the corporation to provide early adopter access, GTM opportunities, and mentorship. Prior to joining M12, she led strategic enterprise deals for Office 365 with major large-cap technology corporations and has executed over 150 business development deals working across Microsoft Madrid, Redmond, and San Francisco.

  • Elisa Garcia Anzano Quantum Startup program at Microsoft

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