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Cash Flow is Queen: Strategies for Successful Female Founders & Executives

Understanding the sources, uses, and levers for growing cash flow in your business is critical to its survival. Join us for a workshop with Camille Nisich, founder of Instant Equilibrium, a business consulting practice focused on helping female founders and executives accelerate their cash flow. With over 20 years of experience in tech, Camille has firsthand insights to share how you can double your business by accessing, reinvesting and accelerating cash flow to grow and sustain your venture. Following this session, you will walk away with a knowledge of: The importance of cash flow to a business' success, especially that of a startup, practical cash flow strategies for every area of spending and the critical questions your company must answer to properly manage cash flow for profitability.

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  • Camille Nisich CEO & Founder of Instant Equilibrium

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