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Founder Playbook: Product Market Fit

Looking to learn how founders get to product market fit? Join us for a conversation moderated by Ebonique Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO at Budget Collector, with Amira Yahyaoui, Founder & CEO at, Kimberlie Le, Co-Founder & CEO at Prime Roots and Prerna Gupta, Founder & CEO at HOOKED, for an up-close look at achieving product market fit from pre-seed to Series A and beyond. These women will share their different perspectives and key metrics that founders should be thinking about when building your start up.

Watch the video recap below

Click here for the transcription of the event 

  • Amira Yahyaoui Founder & CEO at
  • Kimberlie Le Co-Founder & CEO at Prime Roots
  • Prerna Gupta Founder & CEO at HOOKED
  • Ebonique Boyd Co-Founder & CEO at Budget Collector

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