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Grownups in the Room, Part 2: High-Performing Startup Boards

In this All Raise Boston second session touching on the "grownups in the room” who give your startup leverage, we’ll talk more about a formal board of directors. This session will be ideal for post-seed founders eyeing their next raise, but all are welcome. Do you know the two unique roles a board plays in your company? Are you planning to stand up the board at the right time for your company’s maturation? How do you recruit a good independent director? How do you run the board once you have it?

And critically, what does high performance look like in the boardroom? How do the CEO, the VCs, and the independents all contribute to a high-performing board?

Join a terrific panel of experienced and inspiring local experts and let them help you build a next-level board!

  • Joanna Smith Founder & CEO, Allhere
  • Nilanjana Bhowmik Co-founder & General Partner, Converge Barry Cofman, Multiple time Board Member & Investor
  • Janet Kraus Co-founder & CEO, Peach
  • Barry Coffman Multiple Time Board Member & Investor
  • Kiki Mills Johnston Managing Director Drive by DraftKings

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