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Recruiting with an Equity Lens

Creating an equitable and inclusive talent acquisition strategy takes commitment and work, but is not impossible. So why do so many tech companies and VC firms struggle? Join us for a conversation moderated by Bonnie Oliva-Porter, Chief People and Culture Officer at 4thMVMT, Yscaira Jimenez, CEO of LaborX, and Magna Sundstrom, Principal at Safire Partners, on talent planning and learn more about what companies can do to attract, recruit, retain, and promote a diverse candidate pool and workforce.

Watch the video recap below

  • Yscaira Jimenez CEO of LaborX
  • Magna Sundstrom Principal at Safire Partners
  • Bonnie (Oliva) Oliva-Porter Chief People and Culture Officer at 4thMVMT

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