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The Rise of Family Tech: Addressing the COVID Caregiving Crisis

Join All Raise for an urgent conversation on the parenting crisis, how COVID is affecting women in the workforce and how Family Tech entrepreneurs are creating innovative solutions. With a prolonged state of working-from-home and uncertainty on schools, it’s time for an honest dialogue on what this means for women's careers, what companies can do to help parents manage through uncertainty and how tech products can support families. We’ll hear from experts in the field and talk actionable advice for CEOs on the frontlines.

Watch the video recap below

  • Avni Patel Thompson Founder & CEO of Modern Village
  • Ben Kornell CEO of Altitude Learning
  • Sarahjane Sacchetti CEO of Cleo
  • Sara Mauskopf Co-Founder & CEO of Winnie
  • Ann Bordetsky COO of Rival & Angel Investor

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