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Why You Need More Operators on Your Board

Tamara Steffens is an experienced operator and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley at both startups and large tech companies. With roles at Accompli (now Outlook mobile), Path, and Boingo under her belt, Tamara is a serial entrepreneur who found herself leading Business Development for Microsoft’s Office 365 organization. Drawn back to working with founders, Tamara joined M12 as a Managing Director. She leads investing and VC partnerships for North America and sits on several boards of successful B2B companies. In this session, Tamara will share lessons learned building a career in Silicon Valley, and making the transition to investing. From financial vehicle awareness to understanding employee incentives, Tamara will examine the specific startup experiences that have proven most useful in her role as an investor sitting on multiple boards.

  • Tamara Steffens M12 Managing Director

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