Acelerate the success of female founders


Our goal is to accelerate the success of female founders by offering access to 1:1 mentoring and a safe space to ask fellow founders & VCs anything about fundraising or company building.


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Mentors including female founders and female VCs
1:1 mentoring sessions since Nov 2017
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My co-founder turned to me the other day and said, ‘You seem to be a lot more confident since going to Female Founder Office Hours.’ I think he’s right.
— Series Seed Founder
The best part of Female Founders Office Hours was that it’s the right combination of warm/fuzzy/supportive/community and tough love — here’s how you’re fucking up your pitches, stop it.
— Maia Bittner, Founder of Rocksbox and Pinch
It is a family outside of your family. The founder journey is very lonely. Being surrounded by fellow female founders but also getting access to investors who believe in female founders is just an awesome package!
— Series Seed Founder
The safe, mentoring environment was extremely helpful for doing research and asking questions that I did not feel safe asking in a general VC meeting. The pitch deck training session was invaluable.
— Series A founder
The career benefit I watch my husband get from networking with his guy friends in places like golf clubs and bars doing male-centric activities makes me jealous! I find myself wanting to get in on their convos and knowledge share with them.
It was an amazing opportunity to hear from really experienced investors about the fundraising process. It takes the speculation and guesswork out of everything, which is really effective for honing in on a plan and bolstering confidence. I loved the event and would strongly recommend it to any female