Amplify the voice of founders who value diversity


Our goal is to organize the collective voices of a new generation of founders who value diversity within their teams, boards and VCs.


1000+ founders from 700+ companies have joined #FoundersForChange

"I believe in a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. I am dedicated to having a diverse team and board, and when I have a choice of investment partners in the future, the diversity of their firms will be an important consideration."


Joining Founders for Change is less of a signal of a new direction for our organization, and more of a public commitment and announcement about things that are important to us.
— Amy Jenkins, Education Elements
It’s pretty obvious the venture industry is not where it needs to be in diversity.
— Jack Conte, Patreon
It was counterintuitive for us to raise money from a bunch of white guys who want to extract all the value from the world. We’re interested in reshaping the way that tech looks.
— Trevor McFedries, Brud