Mentor the next generation of investors


Our goal is to accelerate the success and progression of female and underrepresented rising stars in the venture capital industry. Venture is a relationship business, so we aim to supercharge the building of new connections beyond the existing, traditional networks.



Meet the VC Champions

The VC Champions are experienced and successful senior General Partners.


How It Works




Each GP will be matched with a rising investor for a one hour 1:1 conversation once per quarter, for a total of four matches per year. Conversations will occur over video or in-person.


Who Should Apply?


All Raise is creating an inclusive environment that addresses a big disparity that exists in our industry. We launched All Raise with the core mission of accelerating the success of female funders and founders. Notably, other groups suffer from the same disparity, primarily underrepresented people of color. VC Champions is addressing both.

The VC Champions will run in cohorts covering each level of seniority and experience within venture capital. The first cohort is aimed at about 25 principal-level investors from across the US. If that describes you, then we want you to apply and tell us how you will take full advantage of the program: