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All Raise x Crunchbase

VC Checkwriter Dashboard

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Powered by Crunchbase

This research is powered by Crunchbase. We are thrilled to partner with Crunchbase and share the All Raise x Crunchbase VC Checkwriter Dashboard, an ongoing resource to measure progress in the number of female checkwriters in the U.S. Powered by Crunchbase's Diversity Spotlight data, the VC Checkwriter Dashboard will provide up-to-date data on checkwriter statistics in the VC community. Specifically, the percentage of VC firms with no female checkwriters, and the locations across the U.S. where female checkwriters are most concentrated.

At All Raise, we’re on a mission to accelerate the success of female and non-binary founders and funders to build a more prosperous, equitable future. But to change the tech and venture industry, we must first know the numbers. Alongside tracking the amount of funding going to female, non-binary, and mixed-gender founders, All Raise is equally focused on who is writing the venture capital checks. When All Raise started in 2018, 91% of decision-makers at US-based venture capital firms were men. The future looks brighter and more equitable when more women and non-binary funders deploy more capital. 

The All Raise x Crunchbase VC Checkwriter Dashboard tracks U.S.-based venture capital firms with over $25 million dollars in assets under management (AUM). Checkwriters are defined as those who can write checks, lead deals, and sit on boards. They are identified by their senior role within their firm (founder/co-founder, general partner, managing director or managing partner) and/or by a combination of the partner title and function as identified through board seats, press releases or deal association. The dashboard shows data through December 31, 2021.