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We’re excited to announce the second All Raise Chicago Unconference! After a wonderful inaugural event last year, we’re thrilled to get everyone back together and make this year's event even better. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 15 at Listen Ventures 🎉.  Doors open at 8:30am and programming will begin at 9am.

The goal for the day remains the same: Bring together the top women and non-binary founders, investors, and leaders in the tech ecosystem here in Chicago. The outcome: a day filled with candid conversations, learning from each other, and creating real connections.

If this if the first time you’re hearing “Unconference”, here’s how it works: 

Anyone can submit a topic that they're interested in leading or participating in through the RSVP link below. It can be something that you want to share your knowledge on, or something that you want to learn more about and collaborate with the other attendees. For those leading the discussions, it will be quite informal. No presentation required.  

Once we have all of the topics, we’ll share them out so you can get excited for the conversations to be had! You’ll have the opportunity to participate in two to three sessions on different topics. 

And then you all take it from there and the magic happens in the small group discussions. 

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