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Fund managers have the distinct challenge of working on the business, building up systems and operations, while investing and fundraising. They are both entrepreneurs and investors – building and scaling their own platforms. Fund managers are tasked with ratcheting those systems developments to match AUM growth and LP due diligence inquiries. A fund’s back office is responsible for managing administrative, operational and financial tasks, a list that grows ever longer and more complex.

​All Raise is hosting a CFO AMA featuring veteran CFOs and industry leaders who will share experience in fund operations and financial management. This session will cover topics like Audit, Tax, Compliance, Fundraising, Valuations, LP Portals, Industry Standards, AML/KYC, Banking Relationships, Back-office administration. Join us to tap their valuable expertise!

  • Marie Drez Chief Financial Officer, Magnify Ventures
  • Sean Park Managing Director, Citizens
  • Megan Greer Head of Venture Capital Delivery, Carta

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