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VC Summit 2022: Game Changers

In 2022 we celebrated Game Changers. We learned from the investors who know the rules of the game -- and were brave enough to break them. Venture does not have to be a zero sum game. When one of us wins, it raises the game for all of us.


In May of 2022, we gathered 500+ amazing female and non-binary VCs for the 4th Annual VC Summit in San Francisco where we shared insights and built community together. The summit was designed to maximize learning and connections via inspirational speakers, game-changing breakout sessions, and extraordinary networking opportunities.

Keynote Speakers

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Featured Speakers

Agenda at a Glance (all times in PT)

All Raise VC Summit 2022: Game Changers The All Raise VC Summit is specifically for active investors in US-based, venture-backed technology startups. We welcome all female/non-binary investors in venture capital, growth equity, and the corporate VC world from across the US and at different stages in their careers.

Tuesday, May 24



Speakers: Aileen Lee + Jenny Lefcourt

Keynote- State of Play: by All Raise CEO Mandela SH Dixon

State of Industry: Current status for women VCs / founders. What's going well, what's not.

Moderated by: Meera Clark 

Keynote- It Takes Two: Founder & Funder Success Stories

Speakers: Kate Ryder + Deena Shakir + Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins + Ellen Pao 

Moderated by: Julia Collins

The Half-Time Know Networking Lunch


Keynote- Covering the Bases: The Macroeconomic Overview

Speaker: Brittany Skoda


Keynote- An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Winning with founders in this environment

Speakers: Kristina Saffran + Ben Huffman + Tobenna Arodiogbu + Jennifer Neundorfer

Flagship Sponsor Speaker- Changing the Game: 5 Tips from a Founder, Funder and Exec 

Speaker: Alison Wagonfeld

Breakout Sessions

*Level Up: Getting my company to Series B and beyond

Speakers: Sarah Pinto + Sarah Guo 

Moderator: Sydney Sykes

*Board Games: How to be the best of the best

Speakers: Ellie Wheeler + Emily Melton + Deirdre Findlay 

Moderator: Wayee Chu 

*Sharpening Your Competitive Edge: Personal Brand Workshop

Speakers: Elisa Schreiber + Nicole DeTommaso

*WAGMI: Breaking through the barrier of “industry experts” & Web3

Speakers: Laura Du + Gaby Goldberg 

Moderator: Maitree Mervana Parekh

*Raising a Fund in this Environment

Speakers: Carolina Huaranca + Monique Woodard + Charles Hudson

Moderator: Kelly Graziadei 

Keynote- Power Play  

Winning the game by listening to, believing in, and advocating for yourself - creating your own rules and carving your own path. Strategies for success: strategic advice on navigating a male-dominated ecosystem

Speaker: Katie Haun

Moderator: Aileen Lee


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm: Cocktails & Dinner

Wednesday, May 25


Breakfast of Champions: Networking Breakfast

Emerging Manager + LP Breakfast

Partner Cohorts Breakfast

Principal Cohorts Breakfast

Associate Cohorts Breakfast


Taking Humor Seriously

Speakers: Jennifer Aaker + Naomi Bagdonas

Keynote- The Cost of Code Switching Keynote

\tThe Costs of Code Switching / Myth of Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

Speaker: Michelle MiJung Kim

Moderator: Cheryl Campos

Keynote- Angels Among Us

How should VCs work with Angels strategically?

Speaker: Candice Morgan + Amanda Robson

Moderator: Sarah Smith

Keynote- Climb and Lift 

Team/firm diversity; Cultural and talent development; succession planning, shifting the diversity at 

\tthe fund level to influence investing, etc

Speakers: Freada Kapor Klein + Ulili Onovakpuri

\tModerator: Mandela SH Dixon

Keynote- Making Room at the (Cap) Table

Solv Series C Case Study

\tSpeakers: Heather M. Fernandez + Kara Nortman

\tModerator: Natasha Mascarenhas


Game, Set, Match Networking Lunch

Sponsored by Insight Vision Capital

Keynote-Calling the Shots 

GOATs who pave the way, what being an icon means to the winners of tomorrow, and investing in the future with your own lens

Speakers: Rebecca Kaden + Eurie Kim + Ann Miura-Ko + Shauntel Garvey

Moderator: Jenny Lefcourt

Closing Remarks & Celebration!

Speaker: Mandela SH Dixon

2:45pm: End Game


General Information

  • What is All Raise?

    All Raise is a nonprofit organization and community on a mission to accelerate the success of female and non-binary founders and funders to build a more prosperous, equitable future.

  • What is the VC Summit?

    Our annual VC Summit is the largest gathering of female and non-binary investors in the US. We bring together hundreds of funders to inspire each other, create lasting connections, and accelerate the growth of diverse new leaders in tech and venture capital. Please check back for details on our 2023 event.

  • About

    All Raise VC Summit is THE gathering for female and non-binary venture investors to network, share deals, and be inspired.

    In 2022, we celebrated game changers. Game changers have never been more essential. VC is not a level playing field. At last year’s summit, we learned from the investors who know the rules of the game -- and are brave enough to break them. Because for us, it is not a zero sum game. When one of us wins, it raises the game for all of us.

    Who should attend: all active female and non-binary investors in technology from venture capital and corporate VC firms, as well as our most engaged male allies based in the US.

    Game on.


  • Who can attend?

    VC Summit is designed for women and non-binary venture investors. We welcome all active female or non-binary investors at venture capital and corporate VC firms to apply. All Raise offers other programs for founders, operators, and women who are looking to break into investing and suggest subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this website for further opportunities to get involved

  • Is this a women-only summit? Why?

    86% of decision makers in venture capital are men, and we’re here to change that. All Raise’s VC Summit is the biggest gathering for female and non-binary venture investors, in an environment designed to specifically support them in their career so that they can be wildly successful. We do select some of our most engaged and supportive male allies to share their perspective and their spotlights for the women of venture.

  • How are attendees chosen?

    We aim to make the content of the VC Summit as actionable and helpful as possible, which is why we limit attendance to active investors. Women and non-binary investors come to personally network and share deals in a candid and safe environment. Being mindful of capacity limitations, we do our best to be as inclusive as possible across geographies, racial/ethnic/gender background, volunteer involvement, sectors, and stages of career.

  • Do you have an age requirement to attend?

    You must be over 21 to attend in person, and please note the qualifications listed above for who may attend.


  • Do you offer any kind of discount?

    We do not offer discounts. Thanks to our sponsors, we offer scholarships if the ticket price is a barrier to your attendance. We also encourage firms to cover the tickets of attendees, supporting the growth and success of women and non-binary individuals in their firms.

  • Will I be able to expense my ticket with my firm?

    We encourage all VC firms to allow the women and non-binary investors in their firms to expense their tickets. All Raise is a nonprofit  powered by the support of volunteers, personal, and company contributions. The content of VC Summit is designed to help women and non-binary investors supercharge their professional development and insights as an investor. Venture is a relationship business and All Raise VC Summit attendees connect, deepen their network, and create new relationships; while learning new skills and receiving guidance on how to be wildly successful.

  • Are tickets tax-deductible because you’re a nonprofit?

    Because tickets include items such as food and swag, tickets are not tax deductible. However, donations to sponsor scholarships and other event costs are tax-deductible!

  • Can I sponsor a woman or non-binary investor to attend?

    Yes! Support the Summit here.

For Sponsors

  • Why should my firm sponsor the VC Summit?

    All Raise is a non-profit powered by the support of volunteers, personal and company contributions.

  • How can I become a sponsor of the summit?

    We’re excited that you care as much about accelerating the success of women in the venture capital and start-up world as we do.  Please contact Jody Mahoney [email protected] directly for more information. Sponsorship opportunities are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Event

  • How do I submit a speaker nomination for the summit?

    All content is designed by and with our community. Keynotes and main stage panel speaking opportunities are offered by invitation only. Breakout panel topics are created months in advance, and the schedule and speakers will be set before registration opens.

  • Will you be sharing the content after the summit?

    We never want access to be the reason why our community members are not part of game changing conversations. We’ll be sharing the recordings of the VC Summit keynote sessions on our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be notified when the videos go live.

  • If I am not able to make it to the summit, how else can I get involved?

    All Raise has programs for people in all stages of their career. Visit our website and complete the Get Involved form to stay in the loop on Funder programs such as VC Cohorts and VC Champions, and local chapter programming.

  • Will the VC Summit happen again?

    We’re thrilled that our 4th annual event in 2022 was a success! Be on the lookout early 2023 for more info on the next event.

All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph

“Women are drastically underrepresented in VC, and shout out to the All Raise team for making the effort to increase diversity and thus quality in the program year over year — expanding the attendee numbers and opening the Summit to investors who may not be at traditional firms (like investors who run accelerators, angel groups, etc.). This led to stronger conversations and the ability to connect with investors who came to Summit from underrepresented cities like Omaha, Kansas City, and more. We believe in the work that All Raise is doing and the positive impact that they are having on the ecosystem.”

— Brittany Davis, General Partner, Backstage Capital

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“When I first started in venture capital back in 2013, I did not fully appreciate how isolating it felt to be a woman in venture. In the past few years, All Raise has been instrumental in blowing the doors wide open for women, especially through their VC Summit. Coming from Nashville, I was able to gather with hundreds of fellow investors, share deals, and make new, lifelong friends. I love that while progress can feel painstaking at times, I now have a community and a quickly growing one at that.”

— Monique Villa, Investor, Mucker Capital

All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph
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